Smart Ways to Choose a Good Home in Housing

Buying a house is almost as complicated as finding a life partner because it will be ours forever. Choosing a good home will be quite energy-consuming because we have to be careful to avoid missteps and be disappointed in the future. Choosing a house in a housing, for example, can be an alternative for those of you who happen to be looking for a house.
Houses in automatic housing will provide you with many benefits such as new neighbors and new experiences living together with large communities. Today many developers are building housing. Starting from small developers who built ten to twenty houses, to big-scale developers who were able to build hundreds of homes in various shapes and sizes.
In addition to building houses, the developers also built shops, public facilities and sports facilities to attract the attention of prospective buyers.
For those of you who are interested in buying a house in a residential area, it’s good to do a number of things below.

Brochure Gathering

Lots of housing that offers many things for prospective buyers like you. Now all you have to do is find as much information as possible about the best variety of housing, including the prices. Collect housing promotion brochures. Examine all the ease and price. Also make sure that the housing you are looking for has easy access for public transportation or toll roads if you are in the suburbs.
This step can be called a continuation step from the information that you have obtained. You can directly visit the house that you are looking for from some of the information you get.
After visiting the targeted house, you don’t need to immediately decide. Because there are still lots of housing around that you can compare before making a decision.
What must be known when conducting a house survey in a residential area, for example:
• House direction

This is necessary to know the arrival of sunlight. Choose a house that faces the morning sun because it is healthier and at night your house will not be hot.

• Garden
Does the house provide parks and public facilities such as sports facilities and others. Park facilities are currently needed to socialize with fellow citizens, as well as a playground for children for those of you who are married.

• House position
The position of the house will determine the price of a house in a housing. For example, we get the position of the house in the corner, then the price will be higher than the house located in the middle. Please note that the position of the hook or corner is often the target of many buyers because you can develop your home with a larger size.

• Security Conditions
Make sure housing has security facilities such as security guards or CCTV. This is important for your future home. Some small housing often does not provide these facilities.
House Status
Usually developers provide two choices, ready to live or indent (purchase goods by ordering or paying in advance).
Houses ready for habitation are usually ready and ready to be occupied. You can see the house directly and can immediately occupy when you have paid or the credit is approved by the bank. While the pivot house means you can only choose the location of the housing site map image then wait 8 months to two years for the house construction process.

House Prices
You must ask the developer carefully. Does the price of the house include  VAT, the cost of the Buy and Sell Deed (AJB) and the Acquisition Fee for Building Land Rights (BPHTB) and mortgage fees (provision, notary, administration, life insurance). You can also ask for a special discount on the price of the house if the developer does not pay these costs.
You can also ask whether the developer already has a partnership with a bank for the management of a Housing Loan (KPR). Usually the mortgage management at a bank that is a developer subscription will make it easier for you to get a mortgage facility. Of course if you meet the requirements.

Damage Guarantee
Don’t forget for this one thing, that is, guarantee of damage to the house that you bought. Usually the warranty is given for 3 months from the handover process of the house. This time you can use to request free repairs when your house is leaking, cracked walls or other damage.
Now you already know, the smart way to choose a house. Compare all the information you have obtained from brochures and housing exhibitions before you make your choice.